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Quality Appliances

Whether you have a broken appliance, need to upgrade your current line, or simply need an extra appliance for your household, we’ve got you covered. Our line of premium used appliances will help you find just the right choice for your household without overspending.

Local Appliance Experts

With over 20 years of experience providing expert appliance repair services, our company has become the go to provider for high quality appliances for residents across Ottawa and the surrounding areas. If you need a quality appliance, but you’re on a strict budget, we’re here to help. Our vast selection of used appliances makes it easy for you to find just the right option for your home. However, if you’re not ready to replace your appliance, you can always count on our experienced experts to quicklyrepair it for you.

Why Choose Our Appliances?

We take pride in our reliable services and we’re here to help you find the durability, performance and value that you deserve.

Appliances Delivered to Your Door

Shopping for appliances can be very stressful. We’re here to make the entire process much easier for you.  From appliance delivery to installation, we provide you with services that will take away the hassle of having to transport and install your new appliance. In addition, our team can also dispose of your old appliance and take it off your hands completely. Browse our collection of used appliances and save!

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High quality

Wide selection